Agents are important...
84.85% of students commencing overseas study in 2014 used agent service for university application.
Communication with agents is not perfect...
Communication barrier
between university and counsellors
and more...
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  • 2010
  • 2013
  • 2015
Everything is going mobile...
The proportion of mobile based internet surfing has leaped by 66.1% in 9 years. User habit has changed significantly.
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Superlink+ -- Link with the people who work for you
Superlink+ is a smart phone app that counsellors download to their phone as their own
CPD tool and resource. It shortens and simplifies the complex communication channels
between universities and agent counsellors.
Scroll down to see features
University Profile
  • Profile Page
  • Comprehensive university information
  • Multi-media display
  • Chinese language
  • Searchable Programme Database
  • Full database of academic programmes at all levels
  • Smart search functions
  • Agent News Bulletin
  • Instant communication with agent users
Enter your search key words
  • Online Agent Training
  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Minimum Cost
    • Online Training Sessions
    • Deliver your tailor-made trainings to agent counsellors
    • Assessment
    • Evaluate training effects
    • Reinforce key points of the trainings
    • Certificate
    • Certificate to recognise counsellors’ professional
    • knowledge of your university
More Functions
  • Push Messages
    Define recipients by agent company
    or region
  • FAQ
    Streamlined enquiry management
    24/7 automatic reply
  • Data Analysis
    Assist university marketing strategy
    in China
  • Agent Resources of Superlink+
  • Cover counsellors across China
  • 1000+ counsellors
  • 500+ agent offices
  • 50+ cities
  • Agent Resources of Superlink+
  • Most active career network of agent counsellors
  • "Very detailed and professional information about University!"
    -Miss Li from agent in Beijing
  • "It is so easy to check application status on this App! A magical
    -Mr Wang from agent in Guangzhou
  • "What a great surprise to receive online training by university.
    I will keep a close watch on development of this app."
    - Cecilia from agent in Beijing
  • "As an agent counsellor, I have been long waiting for such an
    APP! Finally someone has developed this fabulous app to save
    us from tedious work."
    - Donna from agent in Shanghai
  • Function
  • University Profile
    Multi-media display of main features
  • English - Chinese Translation
    University profile and academic programmes
  • Programme Database
    Full search functions included
  • Online Agent Training
    Editable pdf or video training
  • Training Certificate
    Issued via app, CPD
  • Agent News Bulletin
    Recruitment news update
  • FAQ
    24/7 FAQ automatic reply
  • Agent Analysis Data
    Via university admin interface
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