• What is Superlink?
  • Superlink offers a full package of turn-key solutions for achieving university development objectives in China market. With unparalleled experience and local market resources, Superlink has successfully supported institutions, including many Russell Group universities, to achieve balanced and sustainable growth by implementing highly effective market operations. Leveraging on latest mobile technology, Superlink has also established the one-of-its-kind mobile-based Superlink communication platform which significantly enhances the efficiency of two-way engagement between universities and market terminals across China.

    Superlink provides customized marketing solutions for the following target customers:
  • University senior management
  • University recruitment department
  • University market and public relations department
  • Schools and faculties
  • Course leader
  • Functional departments such as admission, service, alumni, career and etc.
5 Steps to Solution
  • Step 1
    Understand marketing demand or issues of university clients
  • Step 2
    Analyse and explore key challenges in China
  • Step 3
    Confirm the data/resouces/platforms needed for solving problems
  • Step 4
    Formulate effective strategies and tactics
  • Step 5
    Implement the plans for university clients
  • Analysis Models
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Student needs
  • Network motivation
  • Communication efficiency
  • Admission process experience
What has Superlink achieved?

Sustainable growth

All-round marketing campaign - China student number of client university grows by 5 times!
PhD campaign - newly-enrolled Chinese PhD students grew by 3 times in 2 years
International Foundation Programme campaign - new Chinese IFP student number grew by 4 times in 2 years

Faculty/school market growth

Bespoke marketing campaign for faculty/school/programme leading to significant growth and new competitive edge against peer institutions

Media/social media

Live-streaming campaign - 2 million views
Short-video campaign - 2 million views
Student vlog/video campaign - 1 million views
University brand campaign - 500,000+ search results (Search engine: Baidu.com)
Media advertorial campaigns - 3.2 million reads
Self-media matrix - 8 million total views
University social media account operation - 300k read times within 6 months since launching

Agent database

5,000+ agent counsellors registered in real name on Superlink platforms
1 live-streaming agent training = 200 times of agent visit
100,000+ monthly use times on WeChat mini-app of Superlink

University partnership

Brokered/facilitated partnerships with 985/211 universities in China

Government relationship

Introduce/facilitate relationship with national/regional government authorities in China

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